Painting & Renovation Service Fee

Wallpaper Paving Service

From $20 / Sq.ft

Home Painting

From $23 / Sq.ft

Industrial paint

From $35 Sq.ft

Residential Painting Price List

Below 300 Sq.ft

300 - 600 Sq.ft

601-800 Sq.ft

801 Sq.ft Or Above

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Frequently Asked Question

We recommend that customers choose according to the flat characteristics and requirement, such as whether or is there any children or pets to live. For example, whether it is a humid place or a place with a high risk of bacteria, then we'll recommend to choose a mildew-proof, moisture-proof and anti-bacterial paint, since many paints have different characteristics, such as zero formaldehyde, clean odor formula, anti-mosquito, anti-rust, anti-volatile organic compound (VOC), anti-mildew, etc.

 In addition, we recommend that customers pay attention to the interior design & style before choosing colors, such as bright, warm and cold style.


Yes, all the paints we use are Nippon Paints, a top brand in Globe.

All have passed the world's most stringent American indoor air quality test, the world's most stringent American indoor air quality test "Green Guardian GREENGUARD Gold Certification and TÜV Rheinland".

The industry's first decomposition of formaldehyde: Effectively decompose free formaldehyde in the indoor air, and react to decompose into water molecules, giving you a safe and healthy living environment.

The most basic method to judge with the naked eye to see whether there are paint spots, dust, uneven color after the paint is applied to the wall, and whether there is any pungent smell or discomfort.

LEGENDFLY's paint service guarantees that the selected paint has zero formaldehyde to protect your health, and an air test will be carried out after completion to ensure that the air is fresh and harmless.

If there are children or pregnant women in the area, you can consider buying a air tester or purifying to ensure that there is no residue, and keep the air circulating. Before the paint is completely dry, avoid children or pets from touching the paint